NIGHT FEVER: Paula Riff & Meike Legler

AMIGA WILD, VENICE 22 February - 25 March 2019 
Please join me for a special presentation of unique works by Paula Riff, Meike Legler and special guests.

Paula Riff's recent series, Blue is Not the Sky, is an exploration of color, form and design through experimental and cameraless photography. Using the historical processes of cyanotype and gum bichromate she imagines the universe through the world of abstraction, as a place where all possible shapes, forms and colors coexist. Inspired by abstract painters and experimental photographers of the early 1920’s who created  images with the intention of moving beyond the medium’s ability to reproduce reality, Riff lets go of preconceived ideas of photography and looks at the fundamental elements of shape and line while giving homage to the beauty and simplicty of abstraction.

Meike Legler uses fabrics as a painter uses paint. Her work is inspired by contradictions, life situations, spirituality, and her German and Italian heritage. She begins her work with a title for a piece that comes to my mind by listening to the news, to herself, or to the people she is surrounded by. The title determines the shapes, colors, and the composition of her work. The surface of Legler's textiles consist of numerous fabrics sewn together into an even, smooth, and almost flawless final product – the hidden backside however is raw and messy – an analogy to the facade we tend to keep up in order to make our lives look good from the outside even if beneath the surface it’s all but perfect.